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what is runescape 2007 gold farming?

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  • what is runescape 2007 gold farming?

    This provides players with a list of ideas that can help them Make RS money in RuneScape. When using this guide, players should keep in mind that the economy of RuneScape is constantly changing, which means that not all of the information given here will be completely accurate. Although the vast majority of these methods were, and still are, accurate for many of the players who've contributed to sharing these methods, they are not guaranteed to work for every single player. Making money can be a long and arduous process, so remember to bear in mind that no matter how fast and effective one method may be, it still takes time and patience to earn and hold onto large amounts of money.

    For f2p:

    1. Mining/Smithing:

    When you are level 15, you can mine iron ores for sale. Keep mining iron ores until you reach level 45, so you can mine coal. We suggest you mine coal later when you are level 60+. You can mine iron ores at north of Al-Kharid. Itís the best mining location for low levels for f2p. When you are level 60, go to the mining guild, you will find many coals here, and itís near bank. We suggest you bring nature runes and fire staff for super heating. Mine some mithril ores and coals, then super heat them to mithril bar. It saves a lot time off banking. You can mine adamant ores when you are level 70 and you can mine rune ores at level 85. You can sell ores or sell bars as you like. Itís a bit of a slow way to makeRunescape 2007 Gold, but the requirements are easy which makes it an easy way to f2p.

    2. Fishing:

    We all know that there isnít a lot of money to be made from fishing and the price of fish is continuing to lower. If you want to make more money by fishing then try catching sword fish instead of lobster.

    3. Woodcutting:

    When you reach level 60, you can chop yew tree. So keep doing it. There are many yew trees from Lumbridge to Edgeville. Good for f2p and making money.

    4. Combat:

    You can make lots of money from killing monsters and then selling the drops. For low combat level players,. You can start killing chickens and cows, pick the feathers and cowhides and sell them at grand exchange for weapons and armours. When you reach higher levels in attack, strength and defense, you can go to the stronghold of security and kill the level 12 minotaurs who will drop iron arrows and rune essences. You can go to the Edgeville Dungeon to kill giants; they drop big bones, arrows and Limpwurt roots. Or you can go to the Varrocl Sewers to kill moss giants. If you use ranged, there are some safe spots.

    5. Leather tanning:

    You can pick cowhides by yourself or buy them from the Grand Exchange. Then go to Al-Kharid, after tanning the cowhides to leathers and you can sell them for big profits.
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