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Silverado Alignment Issues (2/3 drop)

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  • Silverado Alignment Issues (2/3 drop)

    Posted this up on another forum, but figured I would post it here as well. Truck is a 2011 Silverado 1500 4x4 Z71 with 108,xxx miles.

    2 weeks ago I went from leveled to a 2/3 drop. I used belltech street performance lowering struts with factory coils. I took the truck the following Tuesday for an alignment at Tire Discounters in Georgetown. The tech stated that he could not get the camber to adjust at all. Brought it back the following Saturday to have another tech take a look. The new tech was unable to set the camber either, leaving the front with -3* and -2*. They did go on and set caster and toe. Today (the following Saturday), I took it to the dealer (Frank Shoop) to have them align it. They got it much closer than the other shop, but still couldn't get it all the way in spec. Here are the spec sheets.

    Before (tech adjusted camber on drivers side before these measurements)


    So what is going on with my front end? What could be worn that will keep the camber that far off? What could cause the toe to change so drastically in one week?

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    I'd just use a longer camber bolt like the mustang guys do to get it back in spec. Why did you lower a 4wd after a leveling kit?


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      I used to have a leveling kit, then I took it off to lower it. Just the direction I wanted to go. The way camber is adjusted it by moving the UCA inward ant outward, so I don't know that a camber bolt would work.

      Also, according to the makers of the lowering parts, it should align back to factory specs with all of the stock parts.


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        Take it to Mooks in Lexington. He has always been good to me.
        I hate change!


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          +1 mooks. I believe back in the day mess around mini trucks that shop was the one go to. If I remember right off winchester rd but it's been almost 10 yrs since I have been there.
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