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Time for a spool???

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  • Time for a spool???

    I have broken two sets of spider gears in my posi unit (eaton) 12 bolt 4.11

    I'm really considering going with a spool. I just don't want it to kill the drivability of the car. I don't drive it in the rain or very hard out back roads. I'm just looking for some input from guys who might be running a spool on their street cars.

    My car 60ft's low 1.3's

    Or if anyone has a better suggestion please post up.
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    Drove my Z28 for well over a year now with a minispool. Made trips across multiple counties, Cumberland Falls Road, daily commuting, you name it. Only aggravating when you're trying to make a tight turn under 10 mph.
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      Don't street drive mine much but other than tight parking and pushing the bastard when you have to it's not bad.
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        Quit being a sissy and do it already...
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          What he said.
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            I'm surprised that Auburn or Detroit doesn't make an aftermarket differential for the 12 bolt that will hold the pressure.

            Like the other replies, a spool isn't bad but the wants to push like a bitch and it's not near as much fun to drive..

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              You could look at a Detroit Locker, I wasn't sure they made one for the 12 bolt but Jegs lists them.

              The negatives are noise, they can make some noise when they lock and unlock at parking speeds ( I mean it sounds like something broke sometimes ), when you make a turn it unlocks the outside wheel and drives the wheel to the inside of the turn, so if your'e running skinny tires on the front the inside drive wheel tends to try to push the car to the outside of the turn, so if your'e making a right turn it tends to try to push the car into the left lane and vice versa, it's not like uncontrollable, it's something you get used to, but if you haven't ever had it happen, it will suppress you the first time it happens and they are a little pricey.

              The positives are that they are strong as hell, off roaders use them with those big tires, they don't need lube with special additives for the clutches because their aren't any clutches and when they are locked they are just like a spool, there is no slip, they are locked or unlocked. Iv'e been running them forever and really like them for a street/strip, I don't know if they still do but the NASCAR guys used to run them on the road course races.

              If you think about getting one see if you can find someone that has one and take a ride with them to see what you think. If your'e ever in Lexington you can ride in my car.
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