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  • Compression Calculator


    Now has Dynamic Compression as well.

    I will later add in forced induction to the dynamic calculation but it's a little bit more complex than just NA Dynamic Compression.
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    James Short

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    :thumbsup2: Cool!


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      Bump Mod's could you put this in the top as a Sticky. I updated the calculator to have a very accurate Dynamic Compression calculation based on camshaft valve event's as well.

      Very useful tool!
      James Short


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        Is this a LS based calculator only?
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          Just a note: "PI()" is the function for Pi in excel... instead of writing 3.141593 everywhere... looks really good though!
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            Yeah I will go back and edit the earlier functions with that. The newer dynamic compression functions has PI() instead of the actual number. That alone will make it a little more accurate too. I'll update it later in the day. Thanks for pointing that out cause I wrote the static compression side of it a couple years ago.

            This can be used on any motor. I just titled it LSx because that's what I deal with the most.

            I updated the forumula's.. so should be even more accurate now.
            James Short