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Feleniei in the easy edge after the mmogo

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  • Feleniei in the easy edge after the mmogo

    Manchester United today played very bad, if not Feloni off the NBA Live Coins bench made odds, Manchester United I am afraid it is difficult from the Luofu Storm field to take away 3. The first half of the campaign, the home team offensive was better than Manchester United, Degea several times to make a wonderful rescue power to save the city gate. Easy side, Van Gaar for tactical personnel to adjust, he The first 58 minutes,

    Manchester United on the home team formed a siege of the NBA Mobile Coins trend, Rooney in the restricted area before the plug, Valencia on the right pass, Feleni Road after stopping the ball Immediately kicked his right foot outside the foot of the ejection, the ball, such as the shells into the net at the end of the ball.Feliani's goal for Manchester United at this time is like serving a reassurance, and his next play is to ensure that Manchester United gradually close to victory.

    Served as before the former Of the Belgians in the field to complete the 27 passes, with Brindel, Rooney, Carrick, Falcao and others formed an effective convergence, and in his most good defensive links, Fellini had a success Steals, 2 intercepted succeeded, and made two tactical fouls. Substitute battle to build power, which in this season's Felioni who is not the first time to happen, the game started before he had three off the bench ,

    And in the October 21 last year away 2-2 draw against West Bromwich Albion game, Feleniei in the easy edge after the mmogo bench and break in the first 48 minutes, the ball will score the score 1 In addition, Felleni also played in the first game of the defeat of Stoke City on December 3, 2-1, so he scored three goals in the league for Manchester United this season 7 points.