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    Originally posted by Brizzle View Post
    I give $5500 for it.
    I want to dig into it and do something.
    I know once I do I'm into it for the long haul
    Not a bad price. Just take plenty of pics as you take it apart. Also either update here or start a build thread.
    A 5.3 and 4L80e would be a good start. Get the stance where you want it and the drive train istalled and running. Then you can blow it apart and do the paint and body work.

    Unless you want to trade to my camaro. Haha
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      I kinda love it the way it sits right now. That's the kind of patina that you can't fake. The body looks pretty solid too. I'd take care of any spots where it looks like the rust is getting bad, rebuild the motor, fix up the interior, and rock it just like that.
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        So I got the new alternator on. I ended up having to make new bracket where alt mounts to block. I also had to slot the mounting holes for pulley alignment. I ran 1 8 gauge wire to battery with 40 a fuse.
        New alternator works great. Pulleys line up very true and battery is at 13.8. Is new battery didn't think to check Voltage before running.
        Pull the truck out of garage and drove around neighborhood. What a awesome feeling I havnt got to drive truck since I brought home.
        I will post pics and video. When I can get on laptop.
        1952 Chevrolet 3100 project

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          In for an interesting build. Love seeing these old trucks fixed up.


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            Here is couple videos my wife took. She was holding our baby girl while filming. Hence her calling me daddy LOL.
            1952 Chevrolet 3100 project

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            .................. _______ |___\____*
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              Nice truck. You should replace the fuse with a fusible link, it will be more reliable and sill be safe. If you are using a 8 gauge circuit then use a fusible link 4 gauge sizes smaller, a 12 gauge fusible link. A surge or high alternator output (if needed) could blow the 40 amp fuse. The fusible link will allow full alternator output (actually I think a 12 gauge fusible link is rated at 80 amps) without blowing, but it in the case of a electrical short will burn in two (it has a flame proof insulation coating) as designed to protect the vehicles wiring. Just don't have the link tie wrapped against any other wiring. most of the time they are at the solenoid, or back of the alternator. you can buy fusible link wire by the foot, roll or ready made with a ring terminal on one end.

              I have a thing about safe wiring, I have seen too many cars burn to the ground or suffer major damage from improper wiring.
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                How is it coming along?


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                  Any update on this build?